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October13, 2010

TRUE NORTH UPDATE - Reduced Rates, Location, Diving

TRUE NORTH'S  Reduced Winter 2010-2011 rates:

$24,500 6 pax
$26,500 8 pax

Excluding Christmas & New Years.  Rates are a
ll inclusive except fine wines, local taxes or fees, dockage & Communications.



TRUE NORTH is available for Winter 2010-11 charters in the British Virgin Islands and in Belize & Panama for summer 2011

TRUE NORTH  will head to the Western Caribbean for the Summer of 2011.  From mid-May through the end of July 2011, TRUE NORTH is available for charters in Belize

Crew John & Maxine White will then take TRUE NORTH south to Panama where the yacht is available for charters in Bocas del Toro & the San Blas Islands through October 2011. 

Scuba Diving on TRUE NORTH

Scuba Diving
is available for certified divers at no additional charge. The charge for scuba instruction is $250 for a Referral Open Water Course and $150 for a Resort Course. TRUE NORTH has 8 sets of BC's & regulators, 14 tanks and a dive compressor.

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