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September 30, 2009

TRUE NORTH will be Offering Scuba Diving


Captain John (Whitey) White

Chef Maxine (Max) White


Dear Brokers, 

We are pleased to tell you that we will be offering scuba diving from TRUE NORTH.  Whitey is a Dive Instructor and Maxine is a Dive Master and we have both been diving in the BVI's for many years and know lots of great dives there.

Diving is a passion of Whitey’s -- he is a safe, competent and very patient dive leader and instructor.  He will assess the divers experience and other activities that the guests are interested in during their charter and will plan some exciting dives! 

Diving on TRUE NORTH is available for certified divers at no additional charge.  There is a charge for scuba instruction at $250 for referral open water course and $150 for a resort course.  TRUE NORTH has 8 sets of regulators and gear, including 8 tanks and a dive compressor.

TRUE NORTH will base in the BVI's this winter through May 2010 and will then be available in the Grenadines for the summer months (somewhat flexible for charters.)

We are very excited to be taking over on TRUE NORTH and we look forward to welcoming you on board during the Antigua Charter Yacht Show in December.

Max & Whitey
s/v True North

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