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May 22,, 2013  

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Nicholson Yachts Worldwide is pleased to announce this newly launched addition to our fleet.


Launched February 2013 in Holland! Designed and built expressly for charter has arrived in the Caribbean!

DOMICIL’s entire 85 foot length is dedicated to the pampering of just four guests in fore and aft en suite cabins. The contemporary interior furnishings and tranquil Asian art create a calming atmosphere. Her professional crew of 2 offers hospitality skills gained in luxury hotels on Curacao and Bonaire.

DOMICIL is based in Curacao and available year round. (There is no hurricane season in the ABC islands.) The ultimate water toy, a private submarine, can be booked with advance reservations.

Rates: $19,500/4 - $17,500/2 plus expenses.

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