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January 15. 2013 Join us on
S/Y ANAHITA -- trans-Atlantic crossing.

 Dynamique 62 Sloop is

High Seas Adventure

  • Experience blue water sailing with the “Best of the Best.” ANAHITA is accepting two paying crew for the 2013 trans-Atlantic crossing. (will take a 3 if experienced)
  • Join Captain Bijan and Chef Roseanne in St. Thomas around April 15, sail to the beautiful Azores and on to Gibraltar.
  • $6,500 per person all inclusive, St. Thomas to Gibraltar. Continue to the Balearics, Sardinia or Naples for an additional per day rate.

Read what previous passage makers say
about crossing the ocean on ANAHITA
. . .

Dear Bijan and Roseanne,

We just finished our wonderful Atlantic crossing. We couldn’t have found a better boat, a better captain and better chef for this wonderful experience in or lives.

Thank you very much for all your attentions during the (whole) trip.

My dear friends Bijan (the best of the best!) and Roseanne,

What comes from the bottom of our heart(s) can be said with a few words: Thank you so much for the wonderful Atlantic crossing!! Thank you for your hospitality, the excellent food and all your concern to make this trip an unforgettable adventure!! Don’t forget, “Music is the power of life!!”

Notes from the broker:

I have just spoken to (Rene and Patricia) and they tell me their charter with you was the best vacation they have ever made. They are making new plans and so is their son and his wife. These people really had a lot of fun with you.

Very well done, Bijan and Roseanne!

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