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November 12, 2012 Join us on  
Holiday Availability 2012 -- Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years
2 pax
GENESIS, 47ft (14.3m) Catana cat -- Open Christmas & New Years Grenadines
4 pax
MAGPIE, 55ft (16.8m) Jeanneau -- Open Christmas & NY - Grenadines
SINCERITY SINCERITY, 95ft (29.0m) Baglietto classic -- Open Cuba or Antigua
SUDIKI, 61ft (18.6m) Gulfstar -- Open Christmas & New Years!
6 pax
ANAHITA, 62ft (18.9m) Dynamique -- Open Christmas thru 28 Dec St. Thomas  
ARCHANGEL, 70ft (21.3m) Hylas -- Open Christmas / New Years Virgin Islands 
AURELIUS, 76ft (23.2m) K&M -- Open Christmas / NY - location flexible!
CAPERCAILLIE, 81’ Nautor Swan -- Open Christmas & New Years anywhere!  
CLAUDIA VI, 71’ Swan -- Open Christmas & New Years anywhere!  
COCONUT, 80’ Dynamique -- Open Christmas thru 28/29 Dec Grenadines  
DESTINY, 70ft (21.3m) Hylas -- Open Christmas thru 27/28 Dec Grenadines 
DIAMOND GIRL II, 62ft Sunreef cat -- Open Christmas &  New Years Bahamas 
GALILEO, 123ft Palmer Johnson -- Open Christmas & New Years, location flex.  
GITANA, 112ft (35m) S&S -- Open Christmas & New Years - location  Flexible 
ICARUS, 88ft (27m) Jongert -- Open Christmas / New Years - location flexible  
IMAGINATION, 46ft Fontaine Pajot catamaran -- Open Christmas / NY Grenadines  
ISLAND LADY, 72ft (22m) CT -- Inquire  
TIVOLI, 90ft Doggersbank -- Open Christmas thru 29 December Antigua - offers welcome!  
7 pax
LADY ANGELE, 72ft (21.9m) CT Scorpio, -- Inquire
8 pax
CALLIOPE, 60ft (18.3m) Southern Ocean -- Open Christmas / New Years - flexible 
EROS, 103ft (31.4m) Classic Sailing Yacht -- Open Christmas / New Years San Blas Islands or Antigua  
MATAU, 74ft (22.6m) Privilege Catamaran -- Open Christmas thru 27 Dec, Tortola 
TAZA MAS, 93ft (28.3m) Annassis design Ketch -- Open Christmas thru 27 Dec St. Lucia  
TZIGANE, 58ft (17.7m) Custom Trimaran -- Open Christmas / New Years Grenadines 
   Denotes available Thanksgiving


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