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March16, 2010

 ANAHITA Transatlantic availability and summer update!

ANAHITA will spend March & early April in the shipyard in Trinidad to have the hull painted and other maintenance work.

In addition, ANAHITA will be adding an upper moveable bunk in the starboard double cabin, to make it easier for ocean crossing guests.

ANAHITA Transatlantic availability

Atlantic crossing  end of April, ANAHITA can welcome aboard two guests for the following legs:

First leg:
Departure would be from either: St. Thomas, St. Martin, or Antigua to Gibraltar, (With a 3 day stop in the Azores).

Duration: 30 days.    Cost: $ 5,000 per guest, all inclusive except bar.
While in port at the Azores only continental breakfast will be served, and no other food is included.

Second leg:
Gibraltar to Budva, Motenegro, with no stops
Duration: 11 days.  Cost : $ 3,000 per guest, all inclusive except bar.

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