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February 10, 2011

PACIFIC WAVE  72ft (21.9m) Giorgetti & Magrini designed sloop accommodate 6 guests in 3 cabins.

While the US and Europe still battle through a hard winter, Pacific Wave her guests and Owner Operators Lynn & Mark,  have been enjoying perfect weather for sailing vacations. 

"Here in the BVI, away from the high winds and big swells seen further south in the Caribbean at the moment, we have been sailing in protected waters to calm anchorages under bright blue skies."

It’s just one of the reasons why Pacific Wave will stay in the BVI until the end of July. 

To encourage your clients to come and share this with Lynn & Mark they would like to make you aware of the following BVI special offers: 
  • $1,500 discount extended through July 2011 (it was due to expire on 31 May 2011)
  • FREE Scuba Diving Offer! continues Value of offer $700.
  • New - Free Spa Treatments!
  • Free Bar in the BVI!
  • New - Deluxe Caribe dinghy with 70hp 4 stroke Yamaha outboard!
Winter / Summer 2011 before discount - Based in the BVI
6 - $18,000/6    4 - $17,000/4   2 - $16,000/4
Inclusive except: fine-wine, local taxes & fees, communications, dockage, bar. Ships bar included in the BVI -- $1,500 discount now extended through July 2011!


  • Price reduction – we are continuing our $1,500 a week discount until the end of July 2011 
  • Diving – we are an enthusiastic dive boat! F or 7 night charters in the BVI we offer FREE rendezvous diving with UBS, a very professional dive shop.  - Enjoy TWO personal tailor-made 2 tank half day dives for up to 3 people. (additional divers pay $110 / half day)   or  ONE personal tailor-made 2 tank half day dive for 6 people. - Dive only with your family and friends from private dive boats that rendezvous with Pacific Wave wherever she is anchored in the BVI. - An experienced PADI Instructor accompanies the dive and can give certified instruction. All equipment included.
  • Spa Treatments – at either Peter Island Resort or Bitter End Yacht Club get FREE pampering at a quality Spa.  One free massage or any treatment up to a value of $150 per adult is included in our discounted charter fee 
  • Free Bar – there are no additional bar bills on our BVI charters unless special wines or spirits are requested by special order.
  • Zoom Zoom Watersports – have a blast  with our brand spanking new $25,000 deluxe hard bottom Caribe dinghy and 70 pony strong Yamaha outboard.

Bitter End Yacht Club


PACIFIC WAVE – quality sailing, quality service, award winning food.
 Delivering the promise.

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