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October18, 2010

TRUE NORTH Best Dive Yacht  /  TRUE NORTH & GENESIS at BVI Charter Show

Charter Wave: October 2010 - 10 Best Charter Yachts for Scuba Diving

Excerpt below:

"My last factor is that it is great if the yacht has at least three crew. That way, you have one crew member diving with the guests, a chef who can keep cooking, and a third crew member who can tend to the guests who are not diving. Having said all of that, the 65-foot sailing catamaran
True North bests suits my criteria.

Captain Whitey is a dive instructor, his partner Max is a wonderful chef as well as a dive master, and their third crew member makes service even better. They just reduced their rate by $5,000, so they now charter for $26,500 for eight guests including scuba for certified divers.

Plus, they are heading to Belize and Panama this spring. Belize has the second-longest barrier reef in the world—an amazing charter destination for divers.”

Charter Wave: October 2010 - 10 Best Charter Yachts for Scuba Diving

TRUE NORTH and GENESIS Will be Attending The BVI Charter Show

BVI Charter Yachts Show
Nov 4-7 2010

See you there...

          TRUE NORTH                            GENESIS

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