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December 10, 2008

Holiday Specials!!!
CDI-Alidade.jpg (4952 bytes) ALIDADE:  will go back to last winter’s rates of $14,050/2, $15,000/4, $16,000/6, $16,800/8
ASHLANA:  will do 1 week at the regular rate - no ten day minimum. Avail 12/20-27 in and out of St. Thomas
$11700/2   $ 12900/4   Caribbean
Caribbean Terms
AURORA: is now available for Christmas/New Years at a very special holiday offer of $13,500/2 and $14,500/4 inclusive except special requests, local cruising taxes/fees, dockage and communications.  She is available in the Leeward’s and the BVI’s.
CAMPAI:  will do 1 week at the holiday rate.  Must end charter no later than the 2nd of Jan. in Tortola.
$20000/2   $210004   $220006 - Caribbean
Caribbean Terms
MATELOT:  can do a new Years charter starting on the 30th Dec.
Winter: - Caribbean
$28500/2   $30000/4    $31500/6 Caribbean Terms
Charismas/New Year
$32800/2     &34500/4    $36300/6 Caribbean Terms
 PACIFIC WAVE:  regular winter 2008-09 charter rates over the Christmas / New Years period and also 8 days for the price of 7 for the rest of the winter season
$16,000/2  $17,000/4  $18,000/6 inclusive except bar, local cruising taxes/fees, dockage and communications.
TIVOLI:  Up to Ten Days for the Price of Seven $35,000 Plus All Expenses 
TRUE NORTH:  9 days for the price of 7 for any winter charters booked by Jan 15th.
$29500/6   $31500/8 - Caribbean
FEARLESS: is offering a holiday special of 9 days for the 7-day at the normal winter price of $21,500 plus all expenses. 
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