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For anyone who has experienced TRUE NORTH’s consistent history of top notch crews, i.e. Don & Heidi Watkins and Rob & Tiffany McGovern, it’s easy to understand what a difficult “act” they are to follow!

We are very pleased to tell you that Brett and Andrea Clark, formerly on Aria, have been appointed the new crew of TRUE NORTH.  In case you haven’t met them at boat shows or booked charters with them, we’ll let past charter guests tell you what a great job they do:

“We loved ARIA.  We could not have asked for a more pleasant captain and crew.  Brett went out of his way to accommodate us.  The whole crew acted like they enjoyed entertaining us as well as sailing the boat.”

“The meals were five-star all the way!  This was the best food we have had on any of our 7 charters.  The food was prepared according to our preferences with the freshest and tastiest ingredients and with the most beautiful presentations.  We could not have dined better in any five-star New York restaurants.”

“The crew exceeded all our expectations.  We would charter with this crew anywhere.  They gave us just the right amount of space and exceptional service.”

Profiles and photos for Brett and Andrea are available on the TRUE NORTH section on as well as the Charter Index, MYBA Net and Central Yacht Agent web sites.   They will be joined by an experienced mate and stewardess whose profiles will be available shortly. 

Just as the weather on an ocean passage can be unpredictable, unexpected crew changes do also occur.  Nicholson Yachts and the owner of TRUE NORTH have maintained an exceptional professional relationship for years.  We continue to have complete confidence in his long term commitment to maintaining a first class yacht with a first class crew.


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