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Join us on October 27, 2010

-- Belgian Truffles --

Here is our favorite Truffle Recipe -- sure to get rave reviews!

10 oz dark chocolate (I use Grenada’s dark chocolate 71%)
4 oz fresh full cream
1 tsp ground coffee
1 pinch of ground nutmeg
1 oz of butter
1 Tsp vanilla or preferably a vanilla pod

Cut Chocolate into piece (no nibbling!)

If using a vanilla pod, drop it into the cream in a sauce pan and bring it to boil…then remove from heat…cool slightly…return to the flame, boil, remove -- do this THREE times. Drop chocolate pieces in hot cream, stir, cover and reheat on low until it is soft and creamy when stirred.

Add coffee, butter, nutmeg and vanilla extract if not using a vanilla pod. Stir until smooth.

Line a container with plastic wrap and pour the mixture to inch deep (no thicker). Cover and store in fridge for a day or so until hard and cut the chocolate into little squares and roll in a good amount of cocoa powder. This will also help them from sticking together….and to your fingers. Keep refrigerated until needed as it is good to avoid a change in temperature.

You can also roll the truffles into little balls or other shapes and roll them in powdered sugar, nuts, melted chocolate, etc….just whatever floats your boat………._/)………….

Tracy on GENESIS  

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